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Ethical office supplies: Give Red-Inc a call

June 6, 2019 | Posted by Amy

If you are after more than just buying stationery and want to look beyond product alone, then Red-Inc, the ethical office supplies company might be for you.

Terminology can be misleading sometimes, and its easy to be confused. So look for accreditation’s and have a dig about online. Does the company really do what its professing to do? Is it really green and ethical, or is it just clever marketing? Google is good for digging deep. Verification is key and as conscious consumers we need authentication.

Are you ethical, green or sustainable

As a B Corp we are always looking beyond profit. Our values are aligned throughout the business and our clients benefit from that. They know that they have a clean supply chain when we are involved. It’s no secret that we have to make profit to survive, but our clients know we are in fact operating fairly – with them, our suppliers and our staff.

We choose to do the things we do, we aren`t made to do them.  More often that not they cost us money too. That speak volumes when it comes to planting a tree and protecting half an acre of rainforest for every box of paper we sell.

Red-Inc is an accredited living wage employer

We are proud to be award winning, and there is no better word than those of a governing body. After all, we can all write our own reviews.

In truth we are yet to win an award for being an ethical office supplies company, but our B Corp status means more than any award can offer in that context. However, 2019 sees us as finalists in the Global Good Awards, which we are really excited about. I think mainly because we are moving into a real sustainability market and new arena, where the reality is that tick boxes don`t cut it and it goes much deeper that that.

Safe pair of hands

Our clients rely on us for help and support. We advise them and come up with ideas and initiatives – sometimes together. Collaboration is fun and it’s amazing what can be achieved when you get your heads together with great people that want to do better things. Some of the best things we did were as a result of people pushing us to do more for them, mainly because they trusted us. John Labdon from Penna PLC who sadly passed away in 2015 was one such person. A great man who we really miss. Our clients are never “just clients”.

Here`s a great example of a collaboration around recycling and tree planting. Christmas card scheme

Surely this makes us an ethical office supplies company!

We would love to hear from you. Please call us on  01903 257000