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Legal pocket wallets with non-tear cloth gusset; Eco friendly

June 7, 2019 | Posted by Amy

Red-Inc now stock and supply bespoke legal pocket wallets with non-tear cloth gusset; Eco friendly.

A product that has been used in the legal field for decades is proving harder and harder to source. So much so that we ended up manufacturing them ourselves to meet the demand of the legal clients we have on our portfolio. Below is the spec of  the Red-Inc legal pocket wallets with non-tear cloth gusset; Eco friendly.

These legal file are robust and hardy and are still used in many law firms today. The main reason we set ourselves the task of sourcing them directly.

Basic description

The manufacturer of the board is very compliant. We have outlined the credential below.

The manufacturers operate a certified environmental management system; ISO14001 ,  FSC & PEFC and ISO50001 

Here is a bit more info about quality marks generally used in wood and paper production FSC and PEFC

We also talk more about paper and its origins in this article. Read More

The company also ensure trace-ability of the origin of the wood that is used in the cardboard.

All wood that is purchased is certified woodpulp (FSC® & PEFC®), or as a minimum, woodpulp that meets the FSC-40-005 V2.1 Controlled Wood Standard.

Environmentally friendly Legal pocket wallets

As an over view they contain 50% recycled pulp in their production and the virgin stock is FSC accredited.

The cloth gusset is from another manufacturer and is 100% cotton. Its coated with natural ingredients such as starch, clay and talc. As such is completely bio degradable.

Now for a paper based legal wallet this is good news. Isn’t it great to be able to purchase a product like this with cracking environmental credentials.


The pocket wallets are Foolscap and have a full pocket.

The legal wallets have a non-tear gusset that is 75 mm deep. So plenty of room for your papers and folders with the piece of mind that the gusset wont give way or tear whilst on your way to court or a meeting.

Colours available

Blue, buff, green, grey, violet, yellow, orange and red

Packed 25 wallets per box.

Please contact us for pricing or more information. or call 01903 257000