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Steinbeis Evolution White paper; Buy it from Red-Inc

June 10, 2019 | Posted by Amy

Recycled Steinbeis Evolution paper statistics

Recycled Steinbeis Evolution White paper, in particular the 80gms 4.0, could be argued as the best recycled paper in the market place; Buy it now from Red-Inc.

Steinbeis are one of a kind. They market this paper as “Office paper of the future”. We label it as office paper for NOW!

Their Mill in Germany is undoubtedly a shining example of modern day environmental manufacturing. Their product has set new standards in the paper industry, standards that we are please to take to market as a sustainable office suppliers re-seller.


Firstly the 80gsm Steinbeis Evolution White paper is a cradle to cradle certified product. The processes used in production minimises the consumption of water and energy.  Furthermore, it exploits the full potential of a circular economy.

Although not bright white, it is a good colour and certainly good enough for your day to day business needs. We have had some remarkable success with this paper with our corporate clients.

Steinbeis paper awards.

EU Eco label

Blue Angel accredited

Cradle to cradle 

Savings and benefits

This is where it gets really good.

Did you know that in its production Steinbeis Evoultion paper uses;

72% less electricity and 83% less water in its production.

It produces 53% less emissions during the course of manufacturing- AND of course uses 100% less trees.

Steinbeis recycled paper uses only recovered paper as its raw material.

Join the movement for change.

We launched our Fight bright white campaign a few years back in 2017. We realised that more and more businesses were struggling with the business needs v the environmental benefits of recycled paper. At the forefront of this was the legal sector where we have a big pool of companies. Time and time again over the past 10 years we have worked at resolving the fine balancing act of commercial v purpose. Mainly the colour of recycled paper that isn’t bleached v commercial white pulp paper.

Buy from us

Red-Inc sustainable office supplies, are one of the only independent office supplies companies that stock and sell Recycled 80gsm Steinbeis Evolution White paper.

If you`d like to discuss this paper and how it might work with your business please drop Adam a line

Or call one of the team on 01903 257000