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Celebrating Legal ESG Excellence: Adam Huttly Presents ‘Young Lawyer’ Award at Prestigious Event

June 28, 2024 | Posted by Amy

Last week, Adam Huttly, the founder of Red-Inc, had the great pleasure of presenting the “Young Lawyer” award at the Legal ESG Awards. The event, hosted at Clifford Chance, was a significant occasion, held to celebrate excellence, innovation, and leadership in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) throughout the UK legal profession. The award was named in honour of Professor Paul Watchman, a pioneering figure in sustainable finance and ESG, whose groundbreaking work has been instrumental in integrating environmental and social governance into legal and business practices.

Whilst handing out the award, Adam shared his excitement and gratitude to be part of such an important celebration. “Having successfully managed a sustainable office supplies company for the past 15 years, we can acknowledge the challenging journey involved in driving real change. For change to succeed, we must support and celebrate talented individuals continuing the work of pioneers like Professor Paul Watchman, a luminary in sustainable finance and ESG. Maintaining dedication to sustainability and innovation is crucial for achieving long-term success and making a positive impact.”

The Legal ESG Awards came about during the pandemic, aiming to bring thought-leaders together to highlight the importance of ESG within the legal profession. Starting with online summits in 2021, the Legal ESG community has grown into a platform for sharing, nurturing, and encouraging innovation and leadership in ESG worldwide. The shift to in-person regional events has further strengthened the community, allowing for a more tangible recognition of exemplary work and innovation in ESG across different regions.

During the awards ceremony, which capped off a fantastic week, David Alfrey was announced as the winner of the ESG Young Lawyer of the Year award. This accolade, named in honour of Professor Watchman, recognises legal professionals showing exceptional promise in driving ESG initiatives and shaping the future of responsible legal practice.

Adam praised Alfrey and other young lawyers like him for their bravery and dedication in pushing for real change. “These future leaders are crucial in ensuring that environmental stewardship, social justice, and good governance are deeply embedded in our legal systems and corporate practices.” Carla Parsons , Paul Watchman’s daughter, also attended the event, adding a personal touch to the celebration.

Adam was delighted to join the table of Irwin Mitchell, a valued client of Red-Inc. He was honoured to be in the company of their ‘Director of Responsible Business and Sustainability’ Kate Fergusson, who was a finalist in her category for the lifetime achievement award.

The Legal ESG Awards in London celebrated the community’s achievements and ongoing commitment to strategic leadership and courage in the realm of Legal ESG. The event not only honoured today’s accomplishments but also looked ahead to the continued impact of emerging leaders in the field.