Do you have any questions or need help with any of Red-Inc’s services or products? Please find below answers to some of the questions we get asked frequently.

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Q: Can I open an office supplies and stationery account for my business?

Yes, please fill out an account form on the website and we will get right back to you. Link here https://shop.red-inc.com/contact/?subject=Request+an+Account


Q: How can I see products and prices?

Once you have an account opened with Red-Inc office supplies you will have access to prices and the full catalogue. You will be assigned an account manger who can help you along the way too.


Q: How can I see specific “green office supplies” or “earth and planet friendly” products?

Log into your account and ensure you have ticked the “green” option in the search bar. Alternatively let us help you directly via email or on the phone with one of our knowledgeable support staff. If you want to look at some more bespoke and sustainable office supplies items we can help you source them too. For example we now stock sustainable bamboo pen pots and letter trays.

We also offer full certification for any scheme that you might join, like tree planting and Rainforest protection.


Q: Do you deliver next day?

We can certainly deliver next day when needed. As a truly sustainable office supplies business we do encourage rationalised deliveries and the use of our “day of care” where possible.


Q: Can I order through my company but have a home delivery?

Assuming that you are authorised to do so, then yes we can deliver straight to you at home.


Q: My business is based in London, with offices in various UK locations. Can you deliver to them all?

Yes, we have UK wide reach with our logistics and we currently deliver to a whole host of clients across the UK and Ireland.


Q: Can I get any reporting with this service?

Reporting is second nature to Red-Inc and we have been pushing the boundaries of this since our conception back in 2008. We offer comprehensive financial and environmental reporting to our clients.

How can you reduce if you don’t document, measure and target. How can we be a truly valuable partner if we can’t tell you your impact in this area. For companies looking to achieve net zero, reporting is an absolute must.


Q: What type of clients do you work with?

We have a wonderful and varied mix of loyal clients, from small local business to national purpose driven clients and house hold names. We are also very proud to look after some of the UK’s biggest and best corporate companies and have a reputation as being the corporate stationery supplier of choice in this new age.


Q: Will you be cheaper than my current supplier?

Its very likely in real terms we will be. In most cases a full audit reduces soft and hard costs on average to 18% –  but price cannot alone be a reason to change supplier however tempting it may seem. We certainly won’t just undercut prices from another supplier to win business. Our mindset encourages looking at value for money and a truly sustainable office supplies solution. We will not enter a race to the bottom competition where no other criteria has been set with consideration for either products or the environment.


Q: If I buy stationery from Red-Inc, could you manage my print and promotional work too?

Certainly, although we don’t print inhouse, we have a great network of approved trade printers who we partner with and this helps you with soft cost reductions and points of contact. Additionally it will all be captured in our industry leading reporting work and schemes.