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Environmentally friendly tree free office paper

January 30, 2023 | Posted by Amy

EnvoPAP and Red-Inc bring environmentally friendly tree free office paper to the market.

So, why EnvoPAP?


Red-Inc believes in doing everything we can for society, our customers and the planet. For us, and our journey to net-zero, this doesn’t mean making lofty commitments of targets to be achieved in the distant future. Our pledge is about what we are committed to working on now, whilst we are on our way to a better tomorrow.

So, for us working with EnvoPAP just makes sense.

  • Wealth from waste 
  • True Circularity
  • Lower Pollution
  • Deforestation
  • Low Carbon
  • Additional Income for Farmers


Like us, EnvoPAP was created to disrupt their industry. At the forefront of EnvoPAP founder Kaushal’s mind when in the beginning was how he could reduce the environmental burden caused by paper and packaging manufacturing by creating a truly sustainable alternative without the greenwash. Their cutting-edge offerings now sit at the intersection of quality and true sustainability, saving the planet one sheet at a time.


Wealth from Waste

All EnvoPAP products are made using discarded agricultural waste, replacing the use of wood fibre whilst giving this abundantly available waste material a second life, turning it into a valuable resource. Alongside the use of renewable raw materials, the entire manufacturing process is carbon neutral, chlorine free, vegan friendly and results in zero liquid discharge.

It even reduces air pollution by using an abundantly available waste product that would otherwise be burned, releasing harmful gasses into the atmosphere. Ensuring the production process really does cause the least strain possible on the planet.


True Circularity / Circularity with 4 end-of-life streams

At Red-Inc, we’ve always looked beyond conventional products to source the most sustainable alternatives possible for our customers from cradle to grave, or from point of origin through to their end of life.  

Contrary to traditional “take, make, dispose” consumption models, EnvoPAP believes in the circular principle of creating wealth from waste – from the manufacturing of the products through to the end of their life. Through rigorous testing and life cycle assessments, they have ensured that their products are as low impact as possible from cradle to grave. This includes 4 end of life streams, making all their products, recyclable, biodegradable, compostable and marine degradable.



As part of “The Red Pledge” we are committed to acting NOW. This includes exploring new innovations for tackling the climate crisis for us and our customers, supporting others on their impact journeys and pursuing a more circular consumption approach.

In recent years, plastic has become a hot topic over it’s negative impact on the land and sea. Currently the world is trying to solve the plastic problem with paper. Unfortunately, ignoring the increase this is causing to global deforestation. Currently, 129,600 acres of trees are cut down every day – trees that are desperately needed to help protect and keep the planet healthy.  

EnvoPAP’s greatest achievement to date is having saved more than 1 Million trees from being uprooted by enabling brands to switch from wood-based paper to envoCOPY – and with our help they are only just getting started.

One pallet of EnvoCOPY saves 24 trees, while one pallet of 30% recycled paper saves just 7 trees. Even recycled paper takes its toll on the planet as it still relies on trees and an energy intensive production process. EnvoPAP products save trees from being cut down whilst performing the exact same function without the environmental costs.


Lower Carbon

EnvoPAP’s low energy production methods, use of waste materials and circular approach mean their products are significantly lower in carbon than the best recycled alternatives. Their paper is 38% lower in carbon than conventional (virgin) paper, 32% lower than typical 30% recycled content paper and 16% lower than 100% recycled content paper.


By using the agricultural fibres to make paper the waste is made into a useful resource rather than being burnt, a process that releases harmful gasses into the atmosphere, increasing air pollution. Using this abundantly available waste product also provides an additional income stream for local farmers providing a social support element to the products in addition to their extensive environmental credentials. 

The Paper Revolution

All of the above is why we are proud to be launching our very own “Paper Revolution”, transforming how our customers see and use paper alongside this amazing fellow B Corp, EnvoPAP. Our aim is to have all of our major customers using EnvoPAP by the end of 2023. All the EnvoPap products have been created to push the boundaries of sustainability are strong, durable and guarantee great printability every time.

Bring on the “Paper Revolution”.

Red-Inc is proud to be the official UK supplier of EnvoPAP paper. To find out more please contact