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How SME’s can transition to Net Zero

June 30, 2023 | Posted by Amy

How SME’s can transition to Net Zero;

Red-Inc is delighted to announce they will be included in the launch of a new series of videos highlighting how SME’s can transition to Net Zero and beyond.

The series showcases how we and a selection of West Sussex Micro, Small and Medium-Sized enterprises are leading the way on lowering our carbon consumption. Through practical advice and inspiring insights from the businesses, the aim is to encourage and enable other local businesses to begin their own ‘green’ journey.

We worked in collaboration with other local West Sussex sustainable SMEs and our District and Borough Councils who supported and sponsored their creation.

The series consists of 12 episodes in total: a four-part thematic mini-series and individual business case studies. Themes include why businesses should take climate action, how and where to start, carbon calculation, and the wide business benefits of addressing climate change.

Watch now:

Deborah Urquhart, chair of the West Sussex (Councils’) Joint Climate Change Board, said: “With raised awareness on climate change, there’s an increased need for businesses to act if they are to remain competitive.

“Climate change is everyone’s ‘business’ ¬and smaller businesses have a vital role to play in reducing collective carbon emissions. 99.6 per cent of West Sussex business are MSMEs, however recent research has found that more than 75 per cent of UK MSMEs do not have carbon reduction plans in place.

“Collaboration and shared learning are key and we have been working with a group of exemplar businesses who are leading the way with cutting their carbon emissions. They have worked with us to identify the best ways to support MSMEs to make changes and realise the business benefits of doing so, which include winning new contracts, satisfying their supply chains’ needs, attracting new talent, accelerating innovation and cutting ongoing running costs.”

About the videos

The Low Carbon Business in West Sussex video series, has been produced by Low Carbon Leaders and Neil Pringle Productions, jointly commissioned by the West Sussex County and District & Borough Councils, in support of a sustainable and prosperous local economy.