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Red-Inc and EnvoPAP in B Corp collaboration

November 15, 2022 | Posted by Adam Huttly

We are excited to be launching the next stage of our sustainability journey through a Red-Inc partnership with fellow B-Corp EnvoPaP.

Since our doors opened and the phones started ringing, few other UK based office stationery suppliers have shown our level of commitment to being truly sustainable. We’ve consistently been challengers to the industry with new and ambitious ways of thinking that support our and our customers net-zero, low impact journeys.

Our achievements so far include:

  1. Providing 100% order fulfilment – removing wasteful 2nd and 3rd deliveries
  2. Taking on responsibility of client scope 3 deliveries by reducing and offsetting emissions through fellow B Corp Ecosphere+
  3. Becoming the first UK B-Corp certified office supplies company; Certifying in 2017 and recertifying in 2021
  4. Rebalancing the equation with our industry leading paper and delivery offsetting schemes through our partners like like The Rainforest Trust UK.
  5. Providing product traceability and an increasing portfolio of products with carbon measurement
  6. Being carbon neutral across scope 1,2 & 3
  7. Publicly declared to get to Net ZERO through SBTI Science-Based Targets Initiative

With so much achieved, our problem was finding where to go next for a business founded on pushing the boundaries and fighting to give our customers the lowest impact and sustainable service and products possible?

Firstly, we wanted to see how we could help our customers achieve their net zero ambitions by reducing troublesome and often hard to tackle scope three emissions. Through reporting we already help identify and tackle potential savings but we wanted to go further.

For us, it was also about tackling one of our most impactful products that, as a stationery company, is also our most popular commodity – paper. If we need to sell paper we’ve always been committed to sourcing and selling the most sustainable paper possible.

The environmental effects of paper production include deforestation, consumption of large quantities of energy and water alongside the use of harmful chemicals and waste production. Whilst significantly better than virgin paper, even recycled paper takes its toll on our planet as it relies on paper that originates from trees taken through deforestation and is energy intensive.

All this critical thinking has led us to the next stage of our sustainability journey. One that focuses on providing our customers with products that will lower their scope 3 emissions as well as providing a product that is truly circular by design, reduces deforestation and guarantees great printability.

We are launching our very own “Paper Revolution”, transforming paper forever by partnering with fellow B Corp EnvoPaP who produce the world’s most eco-friendly and commercially viable paper.

Bring on the “Paper Revolution”.

More information will be coming soon so keep watching….

(image; Red-Inc Founder & CEO Adam Huttly with EnvoPAP founder and CEO Kaushal Shah)