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Red-Inc join Intuit in its commitment to advance climate action

November 2, 2021 | Posted by Amy

Red-Inc join Intuit market place climate action

Red-Inc join Intuit in its commitment to advance climate action.

Red-Inc is delighted to announce our collaboration with Intuit Inc., as one of the founding partners of Intuit’s Climate Action Marketplace.

Intuit is the global technology platform that makes TurboTax, QuickBooks, Mind and Credit Karma. All the work they do starts with their mission of powering prosperity around the world. In 2020 Intuit announced their 50X by 2030 Goal for Climate Action. This is their commitment to reduce carbon emission 50 times by the year 2030. That’s no mean feat for a company with 102 million customers worldwide.

About Intuit

They have a track record for success, not just as a technology giant but in relation to their climate commitments. Their operations were certified climate neutral in 2015. This put them well on their way to moving beyond carbon neutrality to becoming climate positive.

We all know that climate change severely impacts opportunities for societies across the world to prosper. Like us at Red-Inc, Intuit are always looking for ways to push boundaries. Asking how they find empowering solutions to the climate crisis for themselves, their customers and communities. That’s why they’re looking beyond their own organisation. And are using their scale and resources to maximise their impact and become climate positive by empowering others to join them on their journey.

Red-Inc’s mission

So why did Red-Inc join Intuit in its commitment to advance climate action?

Red-Inc believes in using the power of collaboration to make a positive difference. And that‘s exactly what we’re doing by joining Intuit in their Climate Action Marketplace . A one-stop-shop dedicated to enabling small businesses to reduce their carbon emissions at scale.

The marketplace allows Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) to take immediate action in replacing high-carbon emission activities with more sustainable solutions. The solutions are designed to be simple alternatives to typical business operations. Making it feasible for small businesses to change to more sustainable choices with no extra hassle, time or cost.

Why has Intuit placed such a strong focus on SMEs? Because they play a major role in every economy across the world. They represent 90% of all businesses, 50% of employment and produce 45% of the global GDP.

“As they are the backbone of the global economy, and we believe they will be critical contributors in solving the climate crisis” said Cassie Divine, Intuit Senior Vice President of QuickBooks Online.

Until recently, SMEs have been left behind when it comes to climate change solutions. Intuit’s Climate Action Marketplace and its partners present an opportunity to provide SMEs with a simplified and affordable pathway towards climate action, with the ambition of bringing SMEs together from around the world to drive collective impact.

 Why is this important to a company like Red-Inc

“As a business with sustainability at our core, Red-Inc are always looking for opportunities to make a positive difference for the planet and for our customers. By teaming-up with Intuit we’re hoping that we can help motivate and energise SMEs to get involved and become part of the solution to the climate crisis. We think this is an exciting opportunity and look forward to seeing what happens next!” Adam Huttly, Founder of Red-Inc.

For us at Red-Inc, it isn’t just an opportunity to work with like minded organisations, but to learn from their mould. How we can develop strategies for creating positive change in a wide variety of industries.

Red-Inc is an office supplies business with purpose. We’re challengers who aren’t afraid to go above and beyond to present new ways of thinking. Who support our customers on their net-zero journeys. Our collaboration with Intuit is just another tool we’re utilising to achieve our goals.

Other tools include 100% order fulfilment, consolidated orders and dedicated delivery days removing the need for wasteful second and third deliveries. All this as well as helping our clients reduce their scope 3 emissions, providing life-cycle reporting not to mention end-of-life stationery recycling.

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