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Red-Inc list as pioneering ESG business

January 27, 2022 | Posted by Amy

Pioneering ESG business

In December we had some great news. Our Founder Adam Huttly listed as one of the Uk’s pioneering business leaders.

Following on from COP26 the business community has seen a real shift.  Finally, more socially conscious and sustainable businesses are positioned to get the

limelight they deserve.

Why Red-Inc are so focused on ESG and purpose.

Red-Inc is one of those businesses that had been at the coal face since 2008.

Adams driving force was to create not only a new business model but one that bucked the trend of how the market has always worked. Along the way Red-Inc have picked up some great awards and commendation for their work in what is ultimately a commodity sector.

Red-Inc has always been a pioneering ESG business, but perhaps it was wrapped differently in the early days.

Over the past 20 years Adam had accumulated a wealth of knowledge in his sector. However on that journey there was a growing frustration of the industry that promoted a race to the bottom. This without any consideration to anything else in the supply chain. In tern this lead to competitive and often mis leading pricing structures and too much focus on delivery times.

All this at the expense of innovation, progress and most importantly sustainable thinking.

You can read the full article of the UK’s top pioneering ESG business here