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Red-Inc list in the top 25 green companies in the UK | Talentpool

September 25, 2019 | Posted by Amy

Sustainability is in our DNA - quote from founder Adam Huttly

TalentPool, the talent matching platform recently listed Red-Inc as one of the top 25 green companies in the UK.  In this list were other fellow B Corps Finisterre and BULB. 

If you are still unsure of what a B Corp is, please read our article; What is a B Corp

Red-Inc were the first office supplies company to certify as a B Corp back in April 2017. Based in Littlehampton they now share the local stage with might giants The Body Shop, who as of the 24th September announced their B Corp status.

Adam Huttly, the driving force and founder of Red-Inc says “ This is a nice compliment and I personally commit to my continuous drive to find better and more inclusive ways of doing business, beyond what we have already achieved. We will forge ahead with the best environmental initiatives and credentials that we currently own. The best in the industry in fact. And then do more. We will work tirelessly to solve issues around recycling, closed loop, circular sales and products suitability.  2019 has been a good year and our hard work in this area has been justly recognised by peer groups, clients and a national sustainability award. It always puts a smile on our faces when someone else recognises this commitment”

You can read the article here; Red-Inc list in the top 25 green companies in the UK | Talentpool

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