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Red-Inc list on Legal Sustainability Alliance Green suppliers directory

May 26, 2021 | Posted by Amy

Legal Sustainabilty Alliance green directory logo

Red-Inc list on Legal Sustainability Alliance Green suppliers directory

April 2021 saw Red-Inc’s position as a front runner in sustainability further cemented with their listing on the Legal Sustainability Alliance Green suppliers directory for Office supplies.

The Legal Sustainability Alliance

The LSA was formed in 2007 and has been leading the way in sustainability for UK law firms ever since. Perhaps we shared a vision back then of what the world might look like a decade down the line.

Probably like us they have had a slow journey but one that was vital to assist companies and help make things better. As we all open our eyes to new ideas and might I say new pressures, I see the LSA like Red-Inc – front runners  and there to help.

The LSA offer their members a host of useful information and resources. Mix that too with some top end carbon management tools, including the Carbon Calculator.

The legal industry like many others are now in the position where simply having the “green conversation” isn’t enough. We have seen real change in the world and companies need to make sustainability and the net zero target a part of their strategy. Profit alone can no longer be the only driver for shareholders and stakeholders alike.

Taking a line from our own strategy, we must consider Planet, People and Profit – all in equal measure.

Green Suppliers Directory

So why should Red-Inc list on Legal Sustainability Alliance Green suppliers directory? Well its simple really – our long term goals have never been to just create wealth. They have been to build a new low impact business model; to innovate, create value and make a positive difference. This cant be achieved if you are simply interested in new sales and generating wealth.  As our journey tells you it takes time, patience and a lots of dedication.

And Red-Inc aren’t new to this,  nor are we trying to fit into current buzz topics; we have been using our expertise in this field since 2008 and have won several awards. Both for our business model and for Sustainability. Pease read about our awards “Red-Inc – Driving sustainable and purposeful industry change”

We offer a transparent and genuine proposal that looks deep into any organisations impact. We seek ways to offset and reverse this where possible. Our clients gain from our top end management information reporting that reviews everything from product life cycled through to scope 1,2 and 3 emissions.

Further information and reading

Read more about the offering and benefits of the LSA here