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Red-Inc Office Supplies; prepare for B Corp re-certification

April 12, 2020 | Posted by Amy

Red-Inc B Corp stationery

Red-Inc Office Supplies prepare for B Corp re-certification in 2020

I don’t think we can mention 2020 without mentioning the challenges this year has bought to so many people and businesses.  We have had our own challenges at Red-Inc Office Supplies that’s for sure.

As the 2020 New Year kicked in were getting ready to start our B Corp accreditation renewal, besides lots of other amazing things, but the events that unfolded meant that we put it on hold for a while to make sure we had full commitment to ensuring our clients were serviced and our business was safe.

The rigour of the accreditation was very daunting when we did our first pass through all the way back in 2016. But being so aligned with this community we made good progress and scored well for the first time. We became a B Corp in April 2017 and you can see our score here on the B Corps website.

This year, now a staggering 3 years later we are optimistic that we can do better. We have certainly made some good inroads into carbon reductions and understand our impact even more than we did 3 years ago. Being a B Corp helps us learn more, target and reduce further.

We also have a host of other environmental initiatives that will help us score good points, like our wonderful Rainforest protection scheme that we run with our friends over at the Rainforest Trust UK 

The B corp community are as supportive as ever and that`s so important when you build a new model over a period of time. We are continually inspired to work harder and do more for our wonderful clients.

We prioritise service over anything, but have the most amazing offering away from that to help any company in their mission to be much more sustainable.

We look forward to publishing our latest score and talking in more depth about how we achieved it.

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