Carbon removal

In areas where we can’t reasonably make reductions right now, the emissions are still ours to own

A photo of a lagoon in the Peruvian rainforest

Investing in the highest quality, nature-based, offsetting solutions.

We understand that many carbon ‘offset’ schemes are nowhere near as good as they should be. Using carbon ‘offset’s while  continuing business as usual in fossil fuel use is not a solution to climate change! Offsetting can make important contributions to reaching Net Zero, but only if combined with dramatic cuts in greenhouse gas emissions.

That’s why we only invest in the highest quality, nature-based, offsetting solutions. Rigorously screened and selected by fellow B Corp Ecosphere+.  Ensuring wider environmental and social responsibility.

We offset all 100% company emissions including waste, energy, staff travel and all of our deliveries.

This means that we know that when we deliver products to our clients, we know they’re saving the threatened rainforest. Places like the Cordillera Azul project in Peru. [add link to nature page]

We’ll be transparent about the volume of carbon credits we buy to neutralise our emissions, as we support our own, our customers and the UK’s journey towards net zero.

The facts


GHG emissions emissions offset in 2021

284,208 tonnes

of carbon produced and offset in 2021


of our company’s total emissions come from our deliveries

1,528 hectares

of Rainforest protected in 2021

Using nature as our super power in the fight against climate change.

The challenges of nature loss and global warming are linked – but so are their solutions. Nature based solutions and sustainable land management are game-changers for the climate.

We wanted to find a solution that didn’t only balance out our emissions, but provided an integrated approach that addressed climate change, counteracted our resource consumption, protected against biodiversity loss whilst supporting sustainable development. For us, using nature to provide the solutions is a win-win.

Find out more about our work with and for nature on Plant One Protect One.