Project type: Offsetting

Partner: Ecosphere

Location: Cordillera Azul, Peruvian Amazon

A photo of a lagoon in the Peruvian rainforest




The Cordillera Azul National Park sits between the Andes and the Amazon Basin in Peru. Its stunning mountains, sparkling lagoons, rich biodiversity and multicultural population have rightly earned this area it’s name, ‘The Jewel of the Peruvian Amazon’. And we want to help keep it that way.

The Cordeillera Azul has the capacity to store 48.2 billion metric tonnes of carbon. To put that into perspective, the UK emitted 425.5 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent in 2021. In addition, it’s home to 220 indigenous communities and 3,940 unique species that rely on the land to survive.


We’re ongoing supporters of this project due its integration of conservation, collaboration with indigenous communities and sustainable approaches to productive land use.

Coffee and cacao are grown in buffer zones surrounding the park , with the ultimate goal of protecting the Park’s rich biodiversity and lush forests by working with the local communities to transform land-use and drive sustainable and resilient revenue streams.



What we offset


We don’t count tree planting as contributing to offsetting our carbon emissions. This is because newly planted trees take years, often decades, to start sequestering significant amounts of carbon.

We use our offsetting power to support the protection of the Peruvian Amazon. A project that support is verified to the highest standards by independent, internationally recognised organisations including the Verified Carbon Standard.

By partnering with Red-Inc your purchases are making a positive difference.


Our achievements

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Acres protected

1,5684 tonnes

Carbon offset



Project benefits

Environmental impact: The project addresses the drivers of deforestation by financing conservation while supporting local communities in their transition to more sustainable livelihoods.

Social impact: In addition to promoting sustainable livelihoods through the creation of 688 jobs for local people, a broad community driven programme is helping tens of thousands of local people gain access to basic services such as sanitation, healthcare and education.

Economic impact: Project revenue from offsetting credits helps to drive the development of sustainable livelihoods such as agriculture, tourism, textiles and crafts.