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Project: Climate Action Fund



Despite our growing knowledge and awareness, the world lost 30.1 million acres of tropical forest in 2020 – that’s nearly an acre per second. This destruction dumped 2.64Gt of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere – that’s double the all annual vehicle emissions in the USA.

These trends underscore how much work is needed to achieve global net zero deforestation goals and we at Red-Inc want to do our part. We cannot stop climate change on our own, but we can play our part and help our customers to do the same. That’s why we work with The Rainforest Climate Action Fund which supports projects that store and sequester vast quantities of carbon.

The aim of the fund is to permanently lock up 15 billion tonnes of carbon by 2025 by supporting high-impact projects in tropical forests.



Our Achievements


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1.9 million

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Project benefits

A photo of the Dundreggan conservation estate in Scotland

Environmental impact: Healthy rainforests are critical to creating a healthy planet as they store and sequester vast quantities of carbon. Creating protected areas is the most effective way to protect balance the impact of climate change, safeguard biodiversity and stop deforestation.


Biodiversity impact: This fund has the potential to protect 2,245 endangered and vulnerable species