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Save money and the environment

Being Green is more than just a tick for us. It’s not a badge on the website, it’s not an empty promise or some copied text. Our business model is lean, sustainable and environmentally friendly. We save on Product cost, Environmental impact & Human effort. Try our paper calculator below and see the paper consumption

of your business and how a small change could make a difference. We completely accept that companies will continue to use paper in varying amounts, and that reducing paper in the office may not be possible, but by using some recycled paper you can make a small difference.

See the benefits of using a closed loop and recycled paper scheme

Try our paper saving calculator

It’s not just paper we recycle we can also recycle your toner and ink cartridges

More about our ink cartridge recycling

Environmental Calculator

Enter boxes consumed (per month)

Tonnes Consumed: 2.5 T

Trees Deforested: 60

Consumption Virgin Fibre Paper 5 Star Remarkable Loop Paper Saving
Timber (in kg) 7490 0 100%
Water (in l) 130500 22250 83%
Energy (in kwh) 26807.5 7500 72%
C02 Emission
(in kg C02)
3015 1417.5 53%

Positively Different

We are committed as a company to provide our clients with an unparalleled service level.

Promoting Sustainability

Along with a full closed loop paper recycling scheme Red-Inc offer a host of responsible business solutions.

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On average we save our customer 18% on a like for like bases with our free initial cost analysis.