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About us

Who are Red Inc

Red-Inc was conceived at the very height of the recent down turn in 2008 and was instantly able to add valuable free services to its clients alongside its core service of office stationery and supplies. Driving additional bottom line cost savings into our clients businesses from day one with improved efficiency meant we could compete easily and made us a new force in a traditional office supplies world.

“Red-Inc is a new culture that encourages and values openness and honesty between all people involved both internally with staff and externally with suppliers and clients. We seek to create genuine value in ways that allow us to sustain our business, thrive, and ensure that those that depend on us thrive in similar ways.”  Adam Huttly

Adam Huttly

Meet the founder

As founder it was my quest to create a lean sustainable organisation and modern brand. An organisation that added real value and embraced my core ethics around the environment, recycling and sustainability. One that above all had honesty and impeccable business practice as its trade mark.

My leadership beliefs are set around a firm group of principles and a modern culture which I see as a mix of old fashioned values meets modern day emotional intelligence. I consider Red-Inc as a dynamic mix of talented individuals whose combined skill sets complete our business and fulfil the day to day mechanics.

Positively Different

We are committed as a company to provide our clients with an unparalleled service level.

Promoting Sustainability

Along with a full closed loop paper recycling scheme Red-Inc offer a host of responsible business solutions.

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On average we save our customer 18% on a like for like bases with our free initial cost analysis.