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B Corp stationery and office supplies

October 8, 2017 | Posted by Amy

Red-Inc are a certified B Corporation company

Red-Inc become the UK`s first B Corp stationery and office supplies company.

In fact we are the first B Corp stationery and office supplies company in Europe but it’s a small detail.

Anyone that’s knows Red-Inc will testify that deep within the makeup is a will to do well, be excellent and do things right. The ethos that is everyday practice and has been since day one.

Our many clients have bought into that over the years which is why our customer retention is second to none. We feel our offering is anything but standard office supplies. So much so that our role over the years has been far more consultative and our products and service offering far more diverse.

Some years back we won a UK award. We put ourselves out there to test our position in our sector. To win the UK Boss Awards Dealer of Excellence we had to stand out. Yes we had some fabulous growth, but that wasn’t our driver nor was that factored into our pitch.

We wanted to be the best at doing things correctly, where logic and common sense prevailed. At that time we weren’t a B Corp stationery and office supplies company but our business was behaving as one.

Being Conscious about our impact both environmental and socially meant we were always learning and it kept us digging deeper – trying more and pushing the boundaries.

It’s not always easy to bring concisely all you do and wrap it up as a perfect bundle but B Corp certification allows us to do that. But don’t enter this lightly, unless you are happy to be fully exposed from the top down, it won’t sit comfortably with you.

It’s rigorous assessment looks at every aspect of your business and digs deeper than you can imagine. You cannot fake this intent to do business for good.

What does it mean to us ?

Well more than anything it means authenticity. Anyone that contacts us has had the due diligence done for them, it’s as easy as that. It’s a proud mark that we are behaving correctly in every aspect of our business.
Besides that it’s a useful road map of our business and aligns all elements of our business.

If you wonder how serious we take this, then perhaps our constitutional statement would give you some better understanding. Perhaps you can see why we were driven to become the first B Corp stationery and office supplies company.

“We treat our social and environmental impact as a measure of success even where it does not drive profitability”

The outcome of having a values-driven business is both commercially and emotionally rewarding for everybody.

If you would like to know more about a movement of using business as a force for good please check out the UK B Corps