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Office paper offset scheme: Plant trees with us

June 6, 2019 | Posted by Amy

Plant one protect one initiative lifecycle diagram

Our new low carbon website explains in more detail about our office paper offset scheme, but here is a quick overview that might be helpful.

Our scheme is called Plant One Protect One #plantoneprotectone. It is a stationery industry first and is verified throughout the supply chain. We work with global partners to achieve this goal and to be transparent and accountable.

What is it;

Ultimately it`s us taking responsibility for our actions and owning our impact. We are so serious about this that we even do it for all our customers.

  1. You buy one box of paper – we plant one tree
  2. You buy 2 boxes of paper – we protect an acre of Rainforest.

It really is that easy !

Why trees;

If this need explaining you need to get out more :) Trees are important for so many reasons, beyond just the obvious carbon conversation. Weather systems, elevation of poverty, wellbeing for us in a frantic world, self sufficiency  – the list goes on and on. Read more about why trees are vital to humans and the natural environment on our PlantOneProtectOne page.

It was reported yesterday how the public are increasing to express real concerns over the environmental issues that face us. Read how the likes of Greta Thunberg may have helped bring this into our daily lives in this article.

What does it cost?

It’s free for our clients. You pay zilch, nothing, nada.

But you do have to buy paper from us in the first place, and no it’s not more expensive either!

In fact, history denotes that a cost analysis with Red-Inc saves on average 18% across the board on a like for like basis on all your stationery purchases.

How does that help you;

Well there are definite benefit’s for you and your company. Firstly its a great CSR scheme for you – and we have done all the hard work.  How much better does it feel to buy and box of paper and plant and protect trees?

It can be used in your own marketing to highlight your commitment to using both a responsible supply chain and initiatives that are good for the world. Don`t forget, your clients are looking at you too.

If you care personally then its a no brainier and just feels good to be a better citizen when making any purchasing decisions.

What`s the catch

Quite frankly its hard to find fault with this and there is no catch. It’s what they call in sales a win-win scenario.

It on us, its free, its brilliant and its good for the world!

Don`t delay in signing up for our office paper offset scheme and call us on 01903 257000