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Red-Inc are finalists in the Global Good Awards

May 26, 2019 | Posted by Amy

Global Good Silver Award 2019 logo

We had notice today that Red-Inc are finalists in the Global Good Awards.

The Global Good Awards are the new name and brand for the National CSR Awards. They were re- branded in 2018 and are led by their inspiring CEO Karen Sutton, who`s life and passion for sustainability goes way beyond just an award ceremony.

The awards are all about sustainability and companies that are looking to balance profit and purpose. As a purpose led company Red-Inc couldn’t be a better fit for these awards.

Who can enter

The awards are all-inclusive and recognise and reward organisations of all shapes and sizes that are making strides towards a better world for people, the planet and the global economy. From national PLC`s  through to start ups. Some of the best names in business have won over the years. Our very own friends and fellow B Corp TOAST ALE were a very deserving winner too.

Our entry

We haven`t entered any awards for some years. We have had our heads down moving Red-Inc forward whilst balancing purpose with profit. The first awards we enter after being in business for 5 years were the local Green business awards, followed by the BOSS Office supplies award– the most prestigious awards in the industry. That year we won both.

The Global Good Awards however are a new direction for us. We were stepping into a new, bigger and more challenging arena. Office supplies isn’t synonymous with sustainability if truth be told. Sustainability is normally conducted by bigger companies with bigger budgets and more staff.

But we wanted to push the boundaries and  also showcase all the hard work that the team at Red-Inc do day in day out. We are pushing new limits in our sector and it’s time that we tested this work on a national scale. Against bigger and more powerful companies than us and also across different sectors.

Finalists in the Global Good SME of the year award.

Our expectation isn`t to win this award. Two weeks ago in a team meeting we said that even if we get down to the shortlist in this really tough national award, then we would consider that an absolute victory! We feel this is too big for us at this time but we are finalists and to us that is a really important and proud moment for the team at Red-Inc. It’s vital that we are recognised for the work we are doing with our amazing clients. Work that goes way beyond just selling stationery during the 9-5 !