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Red-Inc’s top 5 recycled stationery products

September 14, 2020 | Posted by Amy

Bamboo pen pot

With more and more focus on environmental products we thought we would list Red-Inc’s top 5 recycled stationery and green office supplies products.

We must stress that even though some items are better for the environment, we must also make sure we look further down the line into the supply chain and the end of life of a product.

Items that are readily recyclable in standard waste streams, may even be better than those that seem on the surface “friendly” but have more complicated recycling requirements.

  • 1 Steinbeis Evolution 0.4 recycled paper

If you know Red-Inc, you will know how much we love Steinbeis recycled paper. Its credentials really take some beating. Apart from being a closed loop paper in its production it has a whole host of savings for the environment.

Steinbeis paper uses;

53% less emissions in its production

Uses 100% less wood

Saves 83% on water usage

Uses 72% less electricity in its production.

Recyclable in standard paper waste recycling streams 


  • 2 Tree saver recycled pencils

2nd on Red-Inc’s top 5 recycled stationery products is the good old pencil.

Pencils still seem to be a firm favourite across our client base, despite the digital revolution. So if you want to buy a better pencils, consider the Treesaver packs.

These environmentally friendly, wood free ReCreate Treesaver pencils are made from 90% recycled plastic cups and are splinter-proof, break-resistant and chew-resistant.

These HB pencils are great for writing, drawing and shading.

  • Environmentally friendly wood free pencils
  • Made from 90% recycled plastic cups
  • Splinter-proof, break-resistant and chew-resistant
  • Grade: HB
  • Pack of 12

Recyclable through the Red-Inc pen, pencil and plastic scheme.


  • 3 100% recycled and recyclable legal wallets

Made in the UK from FSC certified stock they are strong and robust. These legal wallets are a must. With a strong card gusset, rather than cloth, meaning that you can recycled them in the standard paper waste recycling streams.

Packed in 25 and in 8 different colours.

Recyclable in standard paper waste recycling streams 


  • 4 Kraft recycled A4 and A5 notebooks

A Red-Inc own brand book that comes with a hard recycled Kraft brown cover.

Both A4 and A5 are wiro-bound on the long edge.

Containing 50 sheets of off white 80gsm recycled paper and the recycled Kraft cover.

Packed in 10’s these are both friendly to the planet and to your wallet.

Recyclable in standard paper waste recycling streams once the wiro binding is removed.


  • 5 Bamboo pen pot holder

2020 sees a brand new range in stock at the Red-Inc head office in Littlehampton. We have introduced a complimentary set of bamboo items for the work and home space.

We will stock a bamboo pen pot holder, Letter holder and a Letter tray. More images and info will be released as the stock arrives any day now.

If in the meantime you would like to know more, please email us

or proceed to the online store