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Green stationery company

May 26, 2019 | Posted by Amy

Social and environmental impact quote from Red-Inc

What is a green stationery company?


The term is a bit broad we agree, and can be very misleading. If you search “green stationery company” you get various options, but are they all truly green? The word Green is synonymous with the pre `08 period where money meant you could BUY being green, or act being green through PR or marketing without any real purpose or conviction.  Commonly referred to as “Green Wash”.

Also, what are we really talking about here?  The products a stationery company sells, the company itself or a combination of the two?

After a bit of research we found most companies that name themselves as “green” don`t have any real values behind the name. The “about us” page is mainly generic stationery text. The sites are stationery standard over skinned shopping sites. This isn’t a green business, this is just a name being used to attract people to generate sales only. True “green wash” and deception.

Our view

To be a truly green stationery company you must have both, plus a real ethos to live the core values of being green. Just pretending no longer cuts it as consumers are very wise and more demanding than ever. Verification is a bare minimum of “what you say, you do”! The internet for all its faults, is a way of spreading more information both good and bad, about any topic. Being transparent is key in this world.

Are we truly green?

Red-Inc can comfortably call themselves a green stationery company. The founding values run deep through the organisation and have done so since conception in `08. We are led by this vision and treat sustainability and our environmental responsibility as a priority – even where it might not drive profit.

We go to the extreme, we know that, but there are some simple ideas to Green your office here.

Our B Corp BIA assessment keeps this at the top of our agenda internally and engages our staff. The results and measurements allow us to use this as marketing collateral, set targets and keep ahead. Our environmental score was an impressive 31.6 marks. Our projection for 2020 when we re-certify is expected to be far higher. Since 2017 we have more amazing initiatives that are based on environmental offset and social responsibility. Our impact is ours to own.


This is where we can fall into a bit of a grey area. As an office supplies dealer there is limited product choice and very few companies can boast about being green due to products alone. The main differentiator is how these items are displayed and how they are given preference. Wholesalers provide lots of items in their catalogue, but not enough green ones (even if you use several suppliers),  for anyone to call themselves a truly green company.


We believe how you conduct yourself is key to this. Behaviour indicates the true beliefs of the company – and that applies to any sector. Look for accreditations, awards, or a blog – and the feeling of the blog. Awards are great, but not all companies wish to enter these or have the resources to do so. And of course many do but don`t win, so we don`t get to see those who are trying.

The products you sell and how you steer clients towards better products is imperative and equally as important. We have the knowledge and we must pass this forward to clients. We must also provide alternatives that are better for the world where we can. Dig deep at review time and put in the extra work, your customers will thank you for it.

Red-Inc are now finalists in the Global Good Awards.