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Sustainable stationers launch low carbon website

May 24, 2019 | Posted by Amy

Red-Inc low carbon website graphic

Sustainable stationers launch low carbon website with fellow B Corp Wholegrain Digital.

After many years of this being at the top of our “to do list” finally we took the plunge and instructed Wholegrain Digital to take our brand forward and to build and launch a sustainable low carbon website.

Why wholgrain Digital

We choose Wholegrain for a host of reasons. Firstly we have known them in person for a few years. We also know that they are experts at what they do. Trusting someone to take your brand and the security of a website forward is something that should never be overlooked.

They work with a host of big brands, national companies and other purpose lead businesses. They are experts with WordPress and on carbon emissions relating to the web. So much so they have created a website calculator. You can check out your own site here

Finally we will always give preference to fellow B Corps if that work commercially all round. We know that any B Corp is a true believer in doing business correctly and has real values. We live by our values and Wholegrain enhance our supply chain.

Why a new site?

We had plenty of good initiatives that had no online presence at all, plus lots of info that was missing. Having done so much in a short amount of time our current website seemed very out of date, even though is was only a few years old. Our dream was to build a sustainable  low carbon website.

Also the site was made before the importance of websites being mobile friendly. Lastly we had little control over the site and it was coded which meant we were limited in many way to update it.

What we required

We wanted a story board first and foremost. Red-Inc is about storytelling and a journey.  Yes we sell stationery but most people can grasp that element fairly well !  We are unlike many of our competitors  who have an over-skinned site with a basket style offering. That tells you nothing about the values or initiatives and generally only about products and prices.

Also what we really important to us was the ability to be able to update every section of it and we move forward. Not just the blog pages. This was an outstanding bit of design work by wholegrain.

Wholegrain said

“We cant wait to launch this site. This will be one of the lightest websites we have produced. With a forward thinking client like Red-Inc, who care about sustainability and performance, we had the buy-in to create a speedy and low carbon website!”

End result 

“Sustainable stationers launch low carbon website”

We ended up with a low carbon website that’s hosted on a green platform. Its beautiful and easy to read and scan. If you want more info its there and you can read more in depth.

Our beautiful branding will give readers an instant feel about the nature of our business and how we conduct ourselves.

It was on budget and we have the capacity to continually update every section of it.

The site is better in terms of performance and carbon than 90% of all other sites on the web today.

Read the blog from Wholegrain here